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Propaganda Party for “Nobody Wants to Work Anymore”


PLACE Gallery
735 NW 18th, Portland OR

Join us for a Propaganda Party to celebrate the closing of Erica Thomas’s art exhibit “Nobody Wants to Work Anymore”! We will have hundreds of free posters from Portland artists like Peter Nevins, Ali Leeds, NO Bonzo, Sarah Farahat, Heather MacLaughlin, Anna Gray and Ryan Wilson Paulsen, and Roger Peet, and we will be live printing graphics by Shaun Slifer and Josh MacPhee on patches and t-shirts.

“Nobody Wants to Work Anymore” is an exhibit by Erica Thomas celebrating the great resignation- the mass departure from work that sent shock waves through the American economy, revealing the power that ordinary people could have to affect the ways they are ordered to live their lives. Come out on Buy Nothing Day to celebrate the simple act of refusing to live life by the bosses’ rules, and to collectively imagine all the other ways we could be living, and all that we could be living for.

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