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RGD Webinar: Not Good Enough


A conversation with Kevin Yuen Kit Lo on design and justice
Date: Wednesday, January 19th at 2pm ET

This Webinar is Free for Everyone!

As part of the 2022 So(cial) Good Design Awards, we continue our series of webinars exploring the complex topic of design and “social good”. Join Kevin Yuen Kit Lo hosted by Jay Wall RGD as they discuss design, social justice and ways that we can do better. Kevin will share:

  • Highlights from his design career and participation in activist communities;

  • Reflections on the language of socially-engaged design and why he was inspired to write First Things Now;

  • How the work of designers owes credit to social movements;

  • Strategies for embedding social justice in the design process itself;

  • The challenges (and wins!) of running a small design studio and walking the talk;

  • A glimpse into his forthcoming book, Design Against Design.

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