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The Art of Protest


Amnesty International’s Human Rights Action Centre
25 New Inn Yard
United Kingdom

A selection of protest posters are on exhibit at Amnesty International’s Human Rights Action Centre in London, including posters from Justseeds members and friends, Josh MacPhee, Micah Bizant, and more.

A curated selection of protest posters from two new books – The Art of Protest and accompanying children’s book Rise Up! The Art of Protest by Jo Rippon – is being displayed at Amnesty International’s Human Rights Action Centre for the next three weeks.

The posters on display have been selected by the books’ author and cover human rights’ campaigns featured in the book – women’s rights, refugee rights, the climate crisis, LGBT activism, racial equality, youth and civil uprisings and the fight for peace – and include artists Anish Kapoor, Micah Bazant and Josh MacPhee, as well as posters from the Amnesty archive and historic print collectives from the past 100 years.

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