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Uprisings: Images of Labour by Justseeds at WAHC in Hamilton


Workers Arts and Heritage Centre
51 Stuart St.
Hamilton, ON

Originally a one-week exhibition featuring Justseeds which ran concurrent with the 2013 Southern Graphics Conference in Milwaukee, Uprisings: Images of Labor is a series that for Justseeds members, was a return to the essence of what brought many of them in Justseeds together: printing on paper, learning from each other, and sharing resources. This project reflects a variety of conceptual and aesthetic approaches to thinking through labor, from specific struggles rooted locally in Wisconsin, to incarcerated labor, to a reimagining of traditional IWW slogans, such as “Labor Creates All Wealth” and “_____ of the World Unite! You Have Nothing to Lose But Your ____.”


On exhibit in conjunction with All Together Or None, an exhibition of historical union banners and a contemporary textile piece by Kandis Friesen.

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