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Veteran Movements: Seeking Justice & Imagining Reparations


National Veterans Art Museum Triennial
North Michigan Gallery
Chicago Cultural Center
78 E Washington St.
Chicago, IL 60602


Veteran Movements, an exhibition apart of the first National Veterans Art Museum Triennial at the Chicago Cultural Center features work by Justseeds artists and includes political prints from Vietnam Veterans Against the War through Iraq Veterans Against the War.

Veteran Movements looks at the inspiring — though often unacknowledged — history of veteran activism. Beyond military service, veterans have long taken action in service of their communities, seeking justice and making peace. To highlight this history, Veteran Movements includes three thematic sections: Dignity, Survival, and Community Reparations. Each section features key moments, figures, and organizations, emphasizing what veterans have fought for beyond their military service. A fourth section, Reclaiming and De-weaponizing, focuses on military tactics veterans have incorporated into their activism. A fifth section features a wall of posters and broadsides produced by (or in collaboration with) veteran movements. The materials and history displayed in Veteran Movements provide just a glimpse of the long and powerful legacy of veteran activism. This exhibition is meant not only to provide context for the artwork featured across the NVAM Triennial, it’s also meant to spark further research and discussion — by both veterans and civilians — on veterans’ historic and contemporary contributions to social justice and political movements.


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