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California has over 420,000 farmworkers and there are over three million farmworkers throughout this yearthe country. None of these workers can work from home yet the majority of the country relies on their labor to nourish themselves. The Department of Labor estimates that at least (but probably many more) farmworkers are undocumented. Farmworkers are currently not eligible for paid sick leave or unemployment insurance in most states, which leaves most farmworkers without a financial safety net to support their families when they fall ill. Social isolation is nearly impossible with people working and sleeping in close proximity to each other. Farmworkers often stay in dormitory style housing. Despite being essential workers to the country farmworkers have been left out of the $2 trillion dollar stimulus package.

Essential workers deserve essential benefits! Farmworkers measly wages should finally be rectified and hazard pay should be added to their wages as well as intervention info the maze contracting and subcontracting that often breaks down communication of vital information and accountability for growers. Critical information should be translated immediately, as many farmworkers are Indigenous and don’t necessarily speak English or Spanish fluently and mechanisms to effectively get the information out should be implemented. Childcare is critical and necessary for farmworker families and benefits should be available as well. It should be a requirement for all farms to have adequate hand washing stations and TIME to allow workers to use them and not feel like they are losing earnings by protecting themselves and the public. Farmworkers feed the entire country and it’s past time when they deserve dignified compensation, our respect and our gratitude.

Download the English and Spanish version of this graphic at tape it up in a prominent place like a window in your home. All in one folder!


A colorful graphic of a woman wearing a yellow and black striped hoodie, a red cap, and carrying a produce box full of berries with one hand. Text in yellow against a light blue, patterned background states: “FARM WORKERS CAN’T WORK FROM HOME. ESSENTIAL NOT DISPOSABLE!” The Spanish version states: “EL TRABAJO DE CAMPO NO SE PUEDE HACER DESDE CASA. SOMOS IMPRESCINDIBLES!”

Reflections of Healing

Reflections of Healing

September 28, 2014

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