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Solidarity with Ferguson

Solidarity with Ferguson and all Black communities who continue in their struggle for self-determination and to assert their right to life and dignity!

“Power in defense of freedom is greater than power in behalf of tyranny and oppression, because power, real power, comes from our conviction which produces action, uncompromising action.” – Malcolm X


A young Black person looks confidently at the view and stands with their fist raised in the air. They wear a white t-shirt, small earrings, and short black hair. Behind them, a crowd of people – rendered as silhouettes in purple hues – stand united, holding hands. Against a gradient background in purple and orange, white text states: “Solidarity with Ferguson. All power to the people.”

Reflections of Healing

Reflections of Healing

September 28, 2014

Join me at the Oakland Museum of California for the public unveiling of Reflections of Healing, a large-scale art installation created by artist and educator Brett Cook with participation from…