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We Will Always Be Illegal

Irina Crisis

Image by Irina Crisis

Migration Now! was a 2012 print portfolio co-produced by Justseeds and CultureStrike (CultureStrike is now part of the Center for Cultural Power) which explored the social, cultural, and emotional facets of immigration.

Irina Crisis was born and raised in Mexico City, the city of chaos. The daughter of hippie communists, she learned the meanings of crisis and struggle at a very early age. She became an anarchist when she was 15, idolizing Spanish Civil War exiles and anarcho-punks as role models. She went to art school at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) and participated in the longest student strike in Latin America. She has taken pictures, designed posters, banners, and fliers for countless demonstrations, protests, and summits. She has marched, graffitied, agitated, and barricaded next to her comrades in the streets of the U.S., Chile, Spain, Mexico, Greece, Germany, Argentina, the UK, Palestine, and Egypt. Currently, she lives in New York.

Crisis’ piece “With or Without Papers, We Will Always Be Illegal” is about being an immigrant. “Being an immigrant means to be brave enough to dare, to risk our lives, to risk our freedom, to make substantial changes, to fight for the choices we made,” Crisis said. “Struggle doesn’t need permission, doesn’t need a license, doesn’t need their laws. This poster is for all those who dare every day.”

This page is currently a placeholder while we to track down the original high-res files of the images from this portfolio (06/2020)

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