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Anticapitalist Feminist clip art

Wyatt Hesemeyer

Wyatt J. Hesemeyer.



A group of nine different graphics rendered in black and white. One is a conniving-looking cat with a sharp knife in its hand, with the text “Grab this.” The second logo is a globe, the Earth, with a giant eyeball in the middle, and a tear falling down. “Everyone is watching” is written around the planet. The third is the iconic “Rosie the Riveter” image, but she holds a molotov-cocktail and wears a balaclava. “Nasty Woman” is above and below. The fourth is a cemetery scene with “Reason” and “Logic” inscribed on the headstones. A zombie hand reaches out of the earth and the words, “The Reckoning” is below. The fifth logo features a bear giving “the bird”, flipping its middle finger and the words, “Good job, idiots! Trump 2016” around her. In the sixth image, a hand is raised, with its wrist cut or slashed. Blood spills out and the words, “TRICKE DOWN” is written in a sanguinary font. Another logo states “Trickle Down” while three large bombs drop from a passing airplane. Large Dollar signs are inscribed on the missiles. In the eighth logo, an elegant arm reaches for a molotov cocktail bottle. Flames erupt above, framed by the word, “FEMINIST”. In the last icon, two fists are held next to each other, knuckles facing us. Inscribed on the fingers are the letters that make up the word: “FEMINIST.”

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