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Born on the 4th of July

Jon Orlando & Jesse Purcell

This image by Jon Orlando and Jesse Purcell is from Celebrate People’s History/Iraq Veterans Against the War: Ten Years of Fighting for Peace and Justice, a portfolio that celebrated IVAW’s first ten years and was produced by Justseeds, IVAW, Booklyn, Repetitive Press, and the Civilian Soldier Alliance.

(IVAW is now known as About Face: Veterans Against the War)

Ron Kovic, a U.S. Marine Corps Vietnam War veteran and anti-war activist who was paralyzed in the Vietnam War and is best known as the author of Born on the Fourth of July, is shown here in the streets with Iraq Veterans Against the War at the Democratic National Convention in Denver in 2008.


A black and white photograph of an older white man with white hair and beard, white shirt and black suspenders, in a wheelchair with the U.S. flag draped over his legs. Behind him, a line of military veterans in full uniform.  They all have their arms raised, making a peace sign, or “V” for victory salute. Above them the text states, “Born on the 4th of July. Ron Kovic and Iraq Veterans Against the War.”