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Educators: Serving the Needs of All Students

Claudio Martinez & Paul Kjelland

One of seven offset posters that were printed and given away for free to educators at the NEA (National Education Association) RA (Representative Assembly) in Houston in July 2019. These posters are now up in classrooms across the country. You’re welcome to print copies of this image for the classroom, union hall, or other spaces. Note that the image is Creative Commons and not for commercial use. The Art Build Workers collaborated with the NEA on organizing the offset posters and two-art builds during the Houston conference. Participating artists for the offsets included Favianna Rodriguez, Ernesto Yerena, Melanie Cervantes and Jesus Barraza, Nisha Sethi, Josh MacPhee, Jennifer White Johnson and Vy Vu, and Claudio Martinez and Paul Kjelland.


A montage of diverse children studying, reading, and writing, and teachers standing and speaking into microphones. The three adults look out at an audience as they speak. A red school building serves as the background. Text above and below states: “EDUCATORS, SERVING THE NEEDS OF ALL STUDENTS.”