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Over here at Justseeds we’ve got a running tradition of reworking the history of political posters into contemporary work. One place we’ve leaned on heavily is the Ateliers Populaire, the student workshops that popped up during the general strike in France in May 1968. This is just a slight reworking (and re-interpretation as a linocut) and updating of the original image, which itself has been repurposed by anti-fascists from all over the world over the past fifty years.

A linocut of a silhouette of a menacing looking rat, its fanged mouth open, ears back, and claws visible. A large word, “eradicate” is emblazoned across the rat, and below, in white on black it states: “FASCIST VERMIN.”

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Amman Street Report

Amman Street Report

May 17, 2024

Justseeds friend Vic Speedwell recently sent over these photos from the streets of Amman. It’s nice to see the diversity of pro-Palestine street art in various sites around the globe.