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I Will Register to Vote

A riff on the “I am a Man” placards from the Memphis Sanitation Strike in 1968. I made this image for the upcoming 2020 election because voting matters.

Only 58% of eligible voters went to the polls during the 2016 election. Low turns outs nearly always help Republican candidates win. In 2020 it will be all essential that people go to the polls in record numbers. The Presidential election will likely be determined by four swing states: Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Florida – with early indicators predicting that the results in Wisconsin could very likely decide the outcome. (Arizona, Maine, and Minnesota are also considered key battleground states in 2020.)

In 2016 Trump defeated Clinton in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania by a combined 78,000 votes out of nearly 14 million cast. Trump won in Wisconsin by 0.77% (47.22% to 46.45%) – a margin of 20,000 votes.

The 2020 Presidential Election will likely be decided by a percentage point or two. Organizing to register new voters in 2020 and organizing communities to Get Out the Vote is crucial.

These designs are meant to be shared. They can be screen printed as posters, printed on DIY t-shirts, painted on banners, photocopied, shared on social media, etc. Your call. They fall under a Creative Commons license and can be used only in a non-commercial manner. Credit to: Nicolas Lampert /


Tall sans-serif font is featured in this image of pure text, which states: “I WILL REGISTER TO VOTE”, with “will” underlined.

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