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Justseeds Font Pack 1

Alec Dunn, Chris Stain, & Justseeds Collaboration

The first in, hopefully, a series of free font packs designed by the artists and cooperative members of Justseeds. This first round includes one font drawn by Chris Stain (Busted Knuckles) and one by myself (Persons Unknown). Also included is Libertario–a font adapted from a 1932 Italian pamphlet of writings by Élisée Reclus, a dingbat collection of left social movement symbols (Left Dings with help from Josh MacPhee), and Le Combat Syndicaliste–a font adapted from the 1980s-era header of the CNT newspaper from Paris of the same name. The attached zip file contains 8 OpenType fonts (includes 3 versions of Busted Knuckles, 2 versions of Syndicaliste).


All fonts licensed as CC BY-NC-SA meaning they can be used, shared, and adapted non-commercially; attributed when appropriate; and any adaptations must fall under the same license.

These fonts are part of the Justseeds Open Type Project