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Justseeds Open Type Project

The Justseeds Open Type Project creates open-access fonts for activists, organizers, and movement designers. Most of the fonts are designed by members of the Justseeds Artists Cooperative, though some have been repurposed and expanded from historical posters and artifacts.

Type choices can drastically change how a political design project is read and understood. What makes a font right for a particular project? Legibility and display are important factors in design, but fonts also carry cultural and political signifiers. The left has a rich history of hand drawn, decorative, and display fonts, a legacy that is tied into the history of sign, picket, and banner making as well as the history of accessible and low-cost printing technologies. The Justseeds Open Type Project hopes to draw upon and expand this design history by creating a library and archive of open access fonts for use.

If you’ve used these fonts please send us pictures, we love to see how this work gets out into the world!

Justseeds Font Pack 1

  1. Libertario–adapted from a 1932 Italian pamphlet of writings by Élisée Reclus
  2. Busted Knuckles–a marker script drawn by Chris Stain (3 versions: left, center, and right leaning)
  3. Persons Unknown–a modular font by Alec Dunn
  4. Left Dings–a dingbat font of symbols of the left compiled by Josh MacPhee and Alec Dunn

Justseeds Font Pack 2

  1. Fly Legs–a hand drawn typeface by Meredith Stern inspired by the legs of the common house fly
  2. The Anarchist Encyclopedia–a font designed by Josh MacPhee for a book of the same name, written by Sébastien Faure in 1934 (and re-published with Josh’s font by AK Press in 2019). (2 versions: color and black and white)
  3. Manifesto–a sans-serif font derived from the masthead of the 1980s edition of El Machete

Justseeds Font Pack 3

  1. Medicine–an expressive decorative font from Kill Joy 
  2. Rise Up–a hand drawn font by Josh MacPhee that was originally made for the book Why Don’t the Poor Rise Up? Organizing the Twenty-First Century Resistance
  3. Interkosmos–a science fictional font by Alec Dunn that was derived by the ’70s-era decorative work of Brutalist architect Klaus Franz

Justseeds Font Pack 4

  1. Committee–a typeface by Alec Dunn based on relief cut letterforms (3 versions: bold, light, and rough)
  2. Upright Citizen–a hand drawn typeface by Chris Stain

Justseeds Font Pack 5

  1. Respect by Kill Joy (3 versions: regular, condensed, outlined)
  2. Exuberance by Mary Tremonte

Justseeds Font Pack 6: Antifascistas

  1. Valencia AMA (4 versions: irregulars, slab, sans, sans upright)
  2. Bilbao AMA

Justseeds Font Pack 7

Three fonts by Alec Dunn

  1. Rent Strike
  2. Otto
  3. Squat! (2 versions)

Justseeds Font Pack 8: Antifascistas 2

The second round of fonts from the revolutionary era in Spain. Two fonts from the anarcho feminist publication Mujeres Libres, and one from the feminist communist Mujeres.

  1. Mujeres Libres
  2. Madrid AMA
  3. Madrid ML

Justseeds Font Pack 9: Antifascistas 3

The third round of fonts from the revolutionary era in Spain: two fonts from the anarcho feminist publication Mujeres Libres.

  1. Maternidad ML
  2. Paralelismo ML

Justseeds Font Pack 10

Two adapted fonts:.

  1. Acción Modular–a modular font from the Argentinian publication Hombre de America.
  2. Brix–a bold sans serif from an advertisement for the film La Dialectique Peut-Elle Casser Des Briques?

Justseeds Font Pack 11

Two fonts by Josh MacPhee

  1. Slogan Sharp
  2. Melodie Jazz

Justseeds Font Pack 12

Two fonts, one by Josh MacPhee and one by Alec Dunn

  1. Amandla
  2. Kiki

Justseeds Font Pack 13

Two labor derived fonts adapted by Shaun Slifer

  1. Dual Unionist
  2. Green Bans

Justseeds Font Pack 14

Two fonts, one by Roger Peet and one by Bec Young

  1. Communard
  2. GLB

Justseeds Font Pack 15: Antifascistas 4

More fonts from revolutionary Spain. One from the anarcho feminist publication Mujeres Libres, and one from the feminist communist Pasionaria.

  1. Pasionaria AMA
  2. Documentación

Justseeds Font Combo Pack 1

Combines all of the 13 fonts from Font Packs 1-5 into one download.

Justseeds Font Combo Pack Antifascistas 1

Combines all 9 fonts from the Justseeds Open Type Project’s Antifascistas Font Packs 1-4 into one download.

Justseeds Font Combo Pack 2

Combines all of the 15 fonts from Font Packs 7, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, and 16 into one download.

Justseeds Font Pack 16

Two fonts, one by Roger Peet and one by Alec Dunn

  1. Fraktion
  2. Ransone

All fonts are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license (CC BY-SA). This Creative Commons license means that these fonts can be used, shared, and adapted; attributed when appropriate; and any adaptations must fall under the same license. This license enables reusers to distribute, remix, adapt, and build upon the material in any medium or format. If you remix, adapt, or build upon the material, you must license the modified material under identical terms.

These fonts can be used for activist projects of all sorts. These fonts can also be used for liberatory social and cultural productions. These fonts are not for sale and must be shared freely.

Justseeds Opens Type Project fonts are free! If you use fonts from the Justseeds Open Type Project and would like to donate, any donated money will go to the Justseeds general project fund.  These donations help us fund art donations to political groups that are used for benefits and fundraisers, as well as special projects & site specific actions by Justseeds members and allied organizations. Any amount is appreciated. PayPal link here.

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