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Justseeds Font Pack 4

Alec Dunn, Chris Stain, & Justseeds Collaboration

The fourth in a series of free font packs designed by the artists and cooperative members of Justseeds. This installment includes a hand drawn typeface by Chris Stain (pictured above and with a text sample below). It’s a lightly condensed script Chris has labeled as Upright Citizen. Also included is Committee, a typeface by Alec Dunn based on the letterforms created when carving into lino and wood. Included is a rough version, as well as a bold and light versions, both of which retain their humanist forms.

The attached zip file contains 4 OpenType fonts.



All fonts are licensed as CC BY-NC-SA. This Creative Commons license means they can be used, shared, and adapted non-commercially; attributed when appropriate; and any adaptations must fall under the same license. If you have questions about using a font please contact us at

These fonts are part of the Justseeds Open Type Project


Quotes in the example text: “The species in which peace and mutual support are the rule, prosper, while the unsociable species decay.” – Pyotr Kropotkin. “The needs, tastes, aspirations and interests of mankind are neither similar nor naturally harmonious; often they are diametrically opposed and antagonistic. On the other hand, the life of each individual is so conditioned by the life of others that it would be impossible, even assuming it were convenient to do so, to isolate oneself and live one’s own life. Social solidarity is a fact from which no one can escape.” – Errico Malatesta