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Making Saltwater Drinkable

This image is a part of the Justseeds’ 2014 Liberating Learning portfolio. More information about that project can be found HERE.


A text-dense poster showing a D.I.Y. system to convert non-potable water into potable water, with illustrations throughout of a small black tray, a larger white tray, and a clear plastic or glass dome. Some of the text states: “Making Saltwater Drinkable using solar energy. There are many techniques to make drinkable water from saltwater, but all are based on heating undrinkable water and capturing the water droplets — the droplets are pure fresh water. Besides seawater you can use many other types of non-potable water like urine, swamp water, or mashed vegetation with this technique. Just do not use chemical water sources like kerosene, gasoline, or anything from under the hood.”