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Liberating Learning

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Collection of twelve 11″ X 17″ risograph prints inside hand-printed cover
Limited Edition of 100

Liberating Learning is a limited edition collection of one dozen Risograph prints made by members of the Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative. While pundits focus on the education crisis in America, this project honors the caring, hardworking teachers seeking to make a difference in the lives of their students every day. These unique prints also aim to inspire the current generation of students engaged within all levels of learning. “Liberating Learning” is intended to hang on the walls of classrooms and libraries where the magic of learning happens every day!

Themes range from didactic to playful, highlighting history (Shaun Slifer’s “Teach History From Below”) to prison (Meredith Stern’s “Invest to Educate, Not to Incarcerate”) to libraries (Mary Tremonte’s “Free to the People”). Kevin Caplicki explores the memory-assisting power of ginkgo leaves (“Keep Growing, Keep Learning”) and Bec Young brings a cosmic fact closer to home (“My Universe is Constantly Expanding”). Colin Matthes shares “Life Skills”, and Nicolas Lampert reminds us of the recent 2012 student strikes in Quebec.

Each print fits a standard frame size of 11” x 17.” They were created on a unique Risograph machine using teal, red, black, and green ink. The whole portfolio is presented in a screen-printed cover designed by Pete Railand, including a back cover index which identifies each print artist.

We offer exhibition copies of all of our portfolios for loan to schools, galleries, libraries, community spaces, and other institutions and organizations that want to temporarily exhibit our work! Check out this page for more details and to get started!


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