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Memorial Piece for Tort

N.O. Bonzo

A memorial poster for forest defender Tort or Tortuguita who was murdered by Atlanta police while engaged in the struggle to Stop Cop City and liberation for all.

IG: @nobonzo

A black and white intricate drawing showing Tort’s smiling face in the center of a large oval shape. They wear a bandana on top of their head and around their neck. A beaming sun is drawn above their head and abstract wave designs hover behind. Ferns and tiny mushrooms curl around to frame Tort’s chest and shoulders. The oval shape is framed by black silhouettes of trees. Images of first aid items and prepared food flank the words: “Tort, 1996-2023.” Below is the quote: “The abolitionist mission isn’t done until every prison is empty. When there are no more cops, when the land has been given back. That’s when it’s over. I don’t expect to live to see that day, necessarily. I mean, hope so. But I smoke.”

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