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My Body. My Choice.

These images by Kill Joy are a triptych that were painted on a panel installation at the Women’s Conference in Houston, TX. The plants represented in the pieces were historically used to induce a miscarriage- Yarrow, Pennyroyal, Queen Anne’s Lace, Blue Cohosh and Mugwort.


Three women figures are highlighted in this horizontal linocut-style image. The center woman sits cross legged and has short black hair, brown skin, and wears a purple dress. A white banner hovers to their left and right, saying: “Fight for Reproductive Justice; Real Feminism includes Trans Women.” Above this reads: “My Body. My Choice.” On the left, a large plant with small purple flowers frames a woman sitting on the ground who has beige skin, black hair, and wears a red shirt. On the right, a woman sits in front of a giant stalk of Queen Anne’s Lace, with white flowers. She has dark brown skin and wears a green shirt and light pink pants.

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