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No Room For Nazis

BT Livermore

Artist and designer BT Livermore recently relocated to Butte, Montana, from Portland, Oregon. Here’s what he says about this graphic:

“This piece was created in response to reports of a white supremacist website’s call for action against members of the Jewish community in Whitefish, Montana, and against anyone else they feel has wronged the family of Richard Spencer, part-time Whitefish resident and director of the white nationalist group National Policy Institute. Montana is one of the largest states in the US and proud of it, but no state can be large enough to allow this kind of hate to safely hide and take root.”


The large graphic here is sized at 11″ x 11″and square to allow for cropping.


A large silhouette in red of the state of Montana against a light green background. Text inside the state’s shape states: “147,000 square miles… NO ROOM FOR NAZIS. Eradicate White Nationalism in Montana.”

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