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Overdose Kit Instructions

Alec Dunn & Sam Junge

I was really happy to collaborate with my friend and comrade Sam Junge on this info-card which is intended to be placed into overdose kits distributed by the Portland People’s Outreach Project (PPOP). Sam came up with the concept and text, I made the drawings, and we received feedback from PPOP as a group around some of the language and image choices. There was a question about rescue breathing as a strategy during the current viral environment, but decided to keep it in in order to keep things simple. Ideally virus pandemics and overdoses will stop and make this card obsolete… Realistically, if it’s a stranger with suspected overdose you’ll have to make your own choice in regards to the safety of rescue breathing. 🙁

These are designed to be printed double sided and folded (as shown above) so as to fit in a kit with a naloxone vial and a needle. I’m posting them here to share. I know those are not the easiest printing specs to DIY. As such, feel free to use, reuse, alter, and abuse (just not for profit).

Nasal naloxone instructions added as well (3/2/21)