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Puerto Rico Cambia, Nada Cambia

When making this design Eric J. Garcia referenced the article “Is Puerto Rico America’s Forgotten Colony?” posted on the Puerto Rico Report. It begins, “In their Foreign Affairs essay, “The forgotten colony of the United States,” Antonio Weiss and Brad Setser explain how Puerto Rico’s “perpetual crisis” is a result of its colonial status.”

Eric J. Garcia blends history, contemporary themes and a graphic style to create politically charged art that reaches beyond aesthetics. To see more of his work and follow him visit his website:

A red, white, and blue graphic showing the large red silhouette of a conquest-era Spanish soldier in profile, holding chains and handcuffs. Inside the conquistador is the white silhouette of Uncle Sam in profile, holding up the almighty dollar symbol. Finally, in blue, inside the other two forms like a nested Matryoshka doll, is a blue helmeted baton wielding police officer, with a star on his chest and “PR” on his helmet. “Cambia, nada Cambia” in stenciled lettering below, and a small icon of the Puerto Rican flag.