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Resistance Is A Right

Who can fight back, and how? These are the questions that some are being forced to answer, but not others. Wouldn’t you want to resist your oppressor? What does “By Any Means Necessary” really mean, anyway?

Between resistance and vanishing, there is only one choice. That choice breaks open the future to let other futures in. We are in that mix now, and the future is no longer written in stone, but in smoke, in dust, in sound, in blood. The die is cast, rolling across the baize. Resistance is a part of all of us, an organ of our living being. To go quietly into death and disappearance is what a genocidaire requires of their subject- but to resist that demand is a right. It is universal. It is human. It has returned.

This graphic features the first use of the font that I designed for the Justseeds Open Type Project, entitled “Communard” Download it here.

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