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Take down the wall

From Fall 2014

For the past year I have been in conversation with Ndé (Lipan Apache) Land Defenders whose traditional territories have been encroached upon by the U.S government , historically through the construction of the border wall, and contemporaneously through the ever increasing militarization of the border via the Department of Homeland Security. These actions by the U.S. government trample the sovereign rights of the Ndé over their land as well as creating an intersection of discriminatory “immigration laws” that target Indigenous populations from the South. I stand in solidarity with their organizing efforts which are many.

Radio 2050

Radio 2050

January 19, 2009

DJ Aztec Parrot and Elida Margarita Bautista of Berkeley KPFA’s Radio 2050 invited Jesus Barraza and I (Melanie Cervantes) to do a radio interview about our political artwork. We talked…