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17 Reasons


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“17 Reasons” is part of a continuing series of reflections on San Francisco and the Mission District. The sign was one of those mysteries of the neighborhood, a mysterious relic of an undecipherable past sitting above Thrift Town on Mission and 17th Streets. The sign was actually a slogan for the Redlick-Newman Furniture Company that occupied that corner from 1913 to 1975, until the construction of the BART tunnel along Mission Street destroyed many businesses on the street. The "reasons why" were always up to the viewer - the "why" part of the sign had fallen off shortly after I moved to the city. When San Francisco voters passed an ordinance outlawing new billboards in the late 90s, an advertising corporation removed the sign and illegally placed beer ads targeted at Latino consumers.

Gratitude for Nail Houses

Gratitude for Nail Houses

November 10, 2022

We think sometimes that cities are defined by their castles and towers, their highways and skyscrapers. But they are also defined by their exceptions: their nail houses and holdouts, scavenged…

They Want our Home

They Want our Home

November 11, 2021

They want our home. Our home. For themselves. They think they have a right to our home simply because they have more money. We are fighting it. The buyers knew…