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Acorns for Our Futures



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Mary Tremonte and Saiyare Refaei collaborated from opposite coastlines for this three layer silkscreen print, pulled by Mary in Pittsburgh, PA. Across the distance between the two printmakers, animals such as the grey squirrel have crossed, planting many trees along the way. As we sow seeds for our radical futures, we leaned on the words of many inspiring humans before us, including Joseph Campbell who said,
“What is the cause, though, of the growth of an acorn? The oak that is to come! What is to happen in the future is then the cause of what is occurring now; and, at the same time, what occurred in the past is also the cause of what is happening now. In addition, a great number of things round about, on every side, are causing what is happening now. Everything, all the time, is causing everything else.”
Everything we strive for now are seeds for the radical future we desire which can include health, rest, love, play and so much more. We visualized these desires through radical squirrels, living interdependently with the oaks as they build their homes in their branches and are nourished by acorns, and plant them so that oaks can continue to flourish and grow into the radical futures we share.
These prints are part of an edition printed for our 2021 CSA (Community-Supported Art) subscriptions, and Mary just unearthed a few extras from her flat file! Proceeds from these prints directly support our ongoing cooperative projects.

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