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Another Distraction



A cat sits on an open book with lettering that is illegible. This print is about the beauty of distractions such as reading a book or sitting with animals or people and enjoying the non-digital realm. This print is for anyone who may struggle to create boundaries between themselves and the boundless realms of the internet. When we turn off the internet, we can enjoy the beautiful tactile distractions which surround us.

This is a risograph print of a linocut. Printed by Josh Macphee! Green ink on two paper options, white paper or light green paper.

Up In Arms Design Exhibition

Up In Arms Design Exhibition

September 15, 2023

Up in Arms has been curated to align with the annual conference, ‘Publishing Anti-fascism’ convened and organized by Ellen Pilsworth. The exhibition includes material from the collection of twentieth-century posters from…

Bread and Puppet Theater Hiring

Bread and Puppet Theater Hiring

March 9, 2021

Press Director and Print Shop Artisan Position  Bread and Puppet Theater, the world-renowned, 55-year-old politically radical puppetry company, is seeking a B&P Press Director & Print Shop Artisan. The ideal…