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Bank of Amerika



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These are original posters (from 1970!) commemorating the February 1970 burning of the Isla Vista, CA branch of Bank of America. A rally had been held at the University of California in Santa Barbara to respond to both national and local issues, including the firing of several radical faculty, police harassment of black student activists, and the Viet Nam War. Police attacked students leaving the rally, which escalated into a large scale battle for the streets of Isla Vista, during which the Bank of America branch was torched. This poster was mass produced, and popular with students across the U.S.

These posters are over 45 years old. Although they are in overall great condition, they have some edgewear, and corner bends.

ATTENTION: ALL of these posters have been folded in half (long before we got them!). We have flattened them, but they will arrive to you with a crease.