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Be The Media



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This is one from the archives- a very early stencil print from about ten years ago made when I was still living in a log cabin in far-off Douglas County, Oregon. I couldn't make screenprints then because we were basically squatting on 40 acres of timberland with no infrastructure, so everything from that early period of work that I made for Justseeds is either stencil or blockprint or a combination of both. This print came from a desire to reinterpret the 90's call to "be the media" into a critique of what media tends to be. Something to emulate? Not really. Something to destroy and reimagine, like everything else? Perhaps. I still chuckle whenever I look at this image. It's kind of light-hearted in a way that seems so alien now.

Six hand-drawn and hand-cut stencil layers, from a very limited edition.




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