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Blockade the Bombmakers

War Resisters League


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This poster was produced back in 1982 by the “Civil Disobedience Campaign,” a non-violent direct action grouping I believe was connected to the War Resisters League. This is one of dozens of posters produced for the June 12th national antinuclear march/demonstration in New York City and a series of ancillary actions in the days before and after. The demonstration in Central Park was attended by over a million people, and is said to be the largest political demo in the history of the US. No designer pr artist is attributed on the poster.

ATTENTION: These posters are 35-years-old. Although they are in overall good condition, they may have some worn or faded edges and small corner bends. All of these particular posters have minor water damage to the bottom edge. There may be a very small amount of browning (mostly visible on the back), and wrinkling on the bottom edge.

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