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Free Palestine Stickers Set II

Jeremy Leung & Jess X Snow


Only 2 left in stock

a set of 3 holographic Stickers by Jess X. Snow and Jeremy Leung.

Arabic: Falasteen or Palestine
Chinese: From the River To The Sea

To welcome in the year of the 🐉 we must free Palestine 从河到海.

Is in Asia—can you hear her call?

Asian Americans: My wish for you this year is to center the Palestinian struggle in your life. To decenter the individualistic western world & unlearn the lessons from the genocidal empire of the so called “land of the free.” Remember your roots—how they provided nutrients to tall forests that resisted imperialism. Let فلسطين free you, let every dragon out from the cage of your dreams. Watch them soar like meteors across the sky and protect the resistance —for when Falasteen is free, the rest of the global south will follow.

– Jess X. Snow