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Books Are Weapons


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Out of stock

A poster that I created for the "Printervention" show in Chicago (April 2010) that asked artists to imagine what the WPA might address if it existed today. My design was based on the c.1941-43 WPA/Federal Art Project poster by J.P. (full name unknown.) The book subject titles refer to G.I. resistance (Iraq Veterans Against the War), factory takeovers in Chicago (the Republic Doors and Windows factory takeover in 2009), and the water wars in Bolivia (the people's movement to kick out Bechtel and prevent the corporate takeover of public water rights.)

two-color silkscreen, heavy weight acid-free paper, signed

Art to End Fossil Fuels

Art to End Fossil Fuels

September 12, 2023

Justseeds friend David Solnit shared this project and video about a climate justice poster project that is timed with the September climate mobilizations and march planned for New York City…