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Learn About Labor History


After all the recent labor defeats in the US, especially in the Midwest, (the end of collective bargaining rights for public employees in Wisconsin and Michigan becoming a right-to-work state) it seems time for a population that has been hammered by a right-wing corporate agenda – to get back to the basics and learn why unions matter and why understanding labor history impacts what we expect of the present.

This print illustrates my friend and colleague Kim Cosier holding the sign “Learn About Labor History.” Kim, along with many other educators, were ever present in Madison during the Wisconsin Uprising. Kim is a force in public education and the ideal person to celebrate in this image as she champions labor history and our collective past of agitating for social justice.

two-color silkscreen print, signed, unnumbered

Occupied for Labor

Occupied for Labor

February 28, 2011

On Saturday, Feb. 26th, 100,000 people demonstrated at the State Capital in Madison – the largest demonstration in Madison’s history. Massive demonstrations are called for Tuesday and beyond. The Capital…