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Build Communities Enamel Pin



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Beautiful enamel pins on this popular, uplifting design. The pins are black and white, and the black catches the light with a wonderful shine. Each pin has two sturdy posts on the back (top and bottom) with strong rubber post backs that will keep the pin affixed without fear.

I originally designed the Build Communities logo as part of the 2016/2017 campaign to close Rikers Island in New York City, and with the support of Amplifier. We printed it on shirts, stickers, and buttons, and it quickly spread. Over the passed five years it has been screenprinted on shirts and posters during at least a dozen live-printing events, I've printed a half dozen risograph editions of the design, it has been used on banners, cooperative stock certificates, giant rugs, projected on buildings, and as part of many social media campaigns. Amplifier produced a small run of enamel pins pack in 2017, all long since gone. Now they're available again!

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Amman Street Report

Amman Street Report

May 17, 2024

Justseeds friend Vic Speedwell recently sent over these photos from the streets of Amman. It’s nice to see the diversity of pro-Palestine street art in various sites around the globe.