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Capitalism Is Hell


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Should there be reparations for centuries of systematic vampirism against particular ethnicities? Of course there should!

Should there be an immediate and universal public education campaign devoted to vigorously promoting the concept that women are worthy of respect, care, defense, and equal access to resources? Of course there should! Should these benefits extend to all genders and niches? Of course they should!

Should there be universal, free, and responsive health care for all? Of course there should!

Should there be an immediate amnesty for all nonviolent drug offenders, and a complete restructuring of all laws in order to bring about a more equitable society? Of course there should!

And why, indeed, would anyone doubt these truths?

Because Capitalism is organized crime, that's why! Capitalism demands protection money, pimps whomever it wants, and burns down what it no longer wants to insure.

Away with it!

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