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Democracy del Norte

Nicaragua Solidarity Network & CISPES


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This poster, printed in 1989, was created as part of a much broader campaign to educate the general public in the U.S. about the brutal and repressive role of the government in Central America, and especially in Nicaragua and El Salvador. This image—featuring George Bush, Sr. in Wonder Woman bikini briefs—appears to be referencing some role US unions played in suppressing democracy in Central America, but we’re not sure what the direct reference is to.

The Nicaragua Solidarity Network closed down a number of years ago, and donated the contents of their office to Interference Archive. The proceeds of the sales of this poster will go to support the work of Interference Archive.

These posters are 30-years-old, and although they are in surprisingly good condition, they show some signs of wear. They are screenprints that were clearly printed quickly and en masse, with the image on each shifting, and sometimes bleeding off the edge of the paper. Each one is also unique with a different rainbow roll of yellow to red in the background. (Some are more orange all the way through, others have a much brighter separation between yellow on top and red on the bottom.) These are street posters from the late 1980s!!

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