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Direct Action




Originally made for the Sowing Resistance Propaganda Party at Interference Archive. I was interested in making a labor graphic, inspired by the Industrial Workers of the World- I.W.W. I paired the Sab-tabby to promote the oft-used tactic by the Wobblies- direct action with the slogan that emerged from Donald Trump’s sexual predation.

Sabotage and Direct action are tools that should always be examined for creative resistance.

This small version was printed by Repetitive Press in Toronto, ON. Available in red or light blue ink!



August 27, 2022

DO NOT DRIVE ON SIDEWALK. Portland, OR. August 2022. Thanks to Roger Peet for this contribution to the DIYDPW series! DIYDPW is a frequent, irregular blog post highlighting global examples…



July 6, 2022

DEAD END. Walkill, NY. June 2022. Someone installed this in hopes people wouldn’t turn down their short road that has no outlet forcing vehicles to make a u turn in…



June 22, 2022

No Truck Turn. Gardiner, NY. June 2022. Found during a recent detour thru the hamlet of Gardiner. The folks on this corner, placed some cones, surveyors tape and this handmade…