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Eastern Elk



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Larger than the Roosevelt Elk of the Northwest, the Eastern Elk were declared extinct from voracious over-hunting by 1880. Successful programs have brought growing populations of Roosevelt Elk to several states east of the Mississippi, although some believe that remnant populations of the original eastern subspecies may still exist in pockets of Ontario.

"I thought depicting the Elk through the use of only the horns would be interesting; for one elk horns are typically amazing visually, and using them without the rest of the animal would leave the viewer with a sense of loss. Designed much like the mounted horns of white tail deer I see in dive bars and homes throughout rural Wisconsin (where I grew up) this helps remind us that these creatures were simply hunted into extinction. Humans have a voracious appetite."  -- Pete Railand

One in a series of nine, this original elongated penny was designed by Pete Railand, and made on a machine created by Stuart O. Anderson and Justseeds member Shaun Slifer. While currently producing small runs of single-sided penny editions, the completed machine will produce double-sided pennies matching extinct and critically endangered animals with urban wildlife. Read more about the project...


Please note: while these pennies were all cleaned prior to rolling, each will bear individual variations as a result of their former existence as circulated currency, showing various patinas and markings per penny. 

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