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Everyone Needs Feminism


This is an offset poster of a collage which I created in January of 2014. The original image is a collage of linoleum block prints, woodblock prints, spray paint, and handwritten history notes from my 103 year old cousin Fannie Simonowsky. This poster is a tribute to the writing done by bell hooks in her book “Feminism is for Everybody.” Her definition of feminism as “a movement to end sexism, sexist exploitation, and oppression” remains the most useful framework for working towards gender equality. This offset poster version was created using a 4 color offset printing process. The poster is 16″ x 22″ which includes a white border around the poster.


Not Here, but Now

Not Here, but Now

November 13, 2008

Not Here, but Now Noel Douglas (2007) recently commented “When the demands of Neoliberalism play havoc with our lives, it is time to fight back, and designers wield the sharpest…