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Everywhere I Look I See Tarsands



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A digital print of the “Everywhere I Look I See Tarsands” collage. This image states that the tentacles of the fossil fuel industry – in this case the Alberta Tar Sands – extends everywhere. If not a pipeline or a train line, the air is impacted with rising C02 levels and temperatures. The collage places the scorched earth of the Alberta Tar Sands beneath the pristine waters of Jenny Lake in the Grand Tetons National Park in Wyoming. It is hard not to think about the impact of the extraction industry, even within the National Parks where the extreme juxtaposition is not too extreme when we realize that just south of the Grand Tetons National Park is some of the largest fracking sites in the US and the relatively nearby Powder River Basin is one of the largest coal extraction sites in North America. Meaning: The Alberta Tar Sands is not ground zero for climate chaos. Everywhere is.

Note: This digital print is more akin to a color photograph. It is printed with archival inks on archival photo gloss paper.