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EZLN 20 Years (English)


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Out of stock

Poster commemorating 20 years of the Zapatista uprising.

Everyone is dreaming in this country. Now it is time to wake up…

The storm is here. From the clash of these two winds a storm will be born, its time has arrived. Now the wind from above rules, but the wind from below is coming…

The prophecy is here: When the storm calms, when the rain and fire again leave the country in peace, the world will no longer be the world, but something better.

— Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos

They Want our Home

They Want our Home

November 11, 2021

They want our home. Our home. For themselves. They think they have a right to our home simply because they have more money. We are fighting it. The buyers knew…

Gentrifier Grey

Gentrifier Grey

November 5, 2021

Living in San Francisco for close to thirty years, I am seeing more and more of steel grey painted over the houses of the city, slate grey, gentrifier grey. There’s…