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Fight For A Just Education System



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This is a reprint of an image I created in 2005. This reprint is a one color linoleum block print with a spray paint stencil, and hand coloring on each one. Since they are each hand colored, there is some variation between each piece.

Image description: two children sit at a small classroom table and draw with crayons. Behind them is a book shelf filled with colorful books. A plant sits on top of the shelf. There are two large windows in the classroom, a picture of a bird flying over a city on the wall, and 5 balloons which are black and yellow float behind the children. The bottom of the print says "Fight for a just education system." The balloons each have a phrase written on them about various initiatives schools can take to support students and the educational community. The phrases are: Multilingual teaching; Teaching methods that value all cultures; celebrating leadership and history of people of color; oral story telling tradition valued; and racial equality in schools, quality of facilities, and hiring of teachers.

These are printed on very thin soft handmade paper. There are two options; white paper (which is pictured) or light tan. There is some wrinkling on the edges of the prints (see image detail) so the prints are priced at a discounted price.


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