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Find Your Morel Center


In the first few weeks of the global pandemic, our family drove to the woods to take a walk. We saw the largest morel I had ever seen, about the size of my hand, sitting on a large rock face surrounded by moss and leaves and insects. Throughout the next few weeks I thought about that mushroom, standing alone and facing the sun. The government response to this pandemic here has been a tragedy, with tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths due to the president’s disregard of human life. The legacy of genocide, colonialism, slavery, and destruction of this earth plagues this country, it’s governance, it’s laws, it’s institutions. We need to collectively find our moral center, rooted in love, care, and respect of the earth, it’s plants, it’s animals, it’s peoples, the land, the sky, the air we breathe. Mushrooms are amazing organisms, which have deep root systems travelling below the earth. We walk along the pathways of fungi when we walk the earth. Mushrooms surround the forest floor, rising gracefully through the leaves, host to insects of all sorts. They can remind us to center ourselves, be connected to our roots, and to be grounded. This print is also my embracing of parent humor, it’s something I can envision my parent’s saying to me; we took long walks in the woods around our house throughout my childhood and adulthood.



October 29, 2010

Tonight I found many pounds of fresh Oyster Mushrooms that were growing on the same tree as the tree we harvested many nights last year. Halloween weekend is a great…