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In 2012 and 2014, Dalit women in India gathered and traveled in yatras (marches), fighting for their own humanity. They protested the system that not only sought to restrict them as the “untouchable” caste, but also degraded them for being women. They marched against the sexual violence that was not only prevalent but institutionally supported. Not getting much traction at home, they let the world know about their struggle. In coming together, they asserted their dignity and self-respect. The mission to value women’s lives is ongoing.


I originally made this design, which is a hand drawn and carved relief print and watercolor, to support their struggle in 2014; it was also used by the Dalit Women’s Self Respect March in a U.S. tour in 2015. I made digital prints to further spread the power of these strong women into the world and inspire others.

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