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Free Free Palestine


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Out of stock

One of 10 posters designed in the wake of October 7th, 2023, the brutal Israeli assault on Gaza and the rest of the Occupied Territories, and a renewed international resistance by and in solidarity with Palestinians.

Each of these ten posters were printed in an edition of 30: 10 were distributed to groups in New York City to use during demonstrations; the remaining 20 are signed and numbered, with #1-10 being assembled in portfolios, and #10-20 being sold individually (these, of which only 5 are available here on Justseeds).

These were printed at Shoestring Press in Brooklyn, by master printer Lane Sell. Only 10 of each of these at this scale and in this edition will ever be available for individual sale.

In addition, each of the prints is a fundraiser for a different Palestinian organization or project. Proceeds of this particular print are donated to the Palestinian Youth Movement. [$515 was donated to PYM on 2/15/2024 from sales of this print]

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