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When I was in Congo in 2012, I got used to monkeys. They were regular visitors to the camp, leaping and loping through the trees outside the palisade to feed in the oil palms by the river. I was there during the wet season, and almost all of the females had young clinging fiercely to their chests. In the forest, at least six different species patrolled different levels of the canopy, searching out the same fruits, warning each other of predators in an impressinve example of inter-specific cooperation. The monkeys in this image are Red-Tailed Monkeys, (Ascanius sp.) members of an astonishingly diverse genus that happens to make ridiculously cute noises while swinging madly through the dense foliage. Make sure to look up before you leap!

This is an entirely handmade print, no computers involved- ink on vellum and rubylith were used to make the films. Printed at Flight 64 studio in Portland.

Read more about the Congo project here.

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