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Grace Lee Boggs


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Grace Lee Boggs was an icon of our time. She had a vast influence on radicals in Detroit and the world over with her ideas, as well as her enthusiasm and optimism. Grace put a philosophical touch on political problems, always reminding us to start with an inspiring vision before we begin building from the ground up. Grace’s teachings run deep, but she was always able to come up with simple phrases to distill her messages: She told us to put the neighbor back in the ‘hood, and that we are the leaders we’ve been waiting for. She told us that history is not the past, but the stories we tell about it, and taught us about the importance of love, responsibility, and service. Grace passed away in October of 2015 at 100 years old, but her ideas continue to resonate.

An excellent new grade school has sprouted in Detroit based on the ideas of James and Grace Lee Boggs. All of the proceeds from the purchase of this print will be donated to The James and Grace Lee Boggs School.

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