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Hear Me Roar


This is a print I created for the portfolio project “This is an Emergency!” which is a print project centered around issues of reproductive and gender justice. The entire portfolio can also be purchased on this website.

Hear Me Roar was created through collaboration with Gina Glantz, whose writing is included in the entire portfolio project. The words are from Helen Reddy’s song from 1971 titled “I am Woman.” The song is a perfect call to arms for those of us struggling to live with inequality. Currently cis- gender* men dominate the conversation and lead the legislation which prevents us from accessing reproductive and gender justice. The central character in the image is a woman and if you take a close look, her Adam’s apple is visible. Sisterhood is transcendent and is not limited to gender identity, sexuality, or any other social construct.

Second edition printing.

*cis gender is defined as a person whose self-identity conforms with the gender that corresponds to their biological sex.



October 29, 2010

Tonight I found many pounds of fresh Oyster Mushrooms that were growing on the same tree as the tree we harvested many nights last year. Halloween weekend is a great…