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Imagine a Future Filled with Collective Care and Radical Understanding

Willa Goettling

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This flag came into existence as part of My Hope Our Hope, an Unstoppable Voters project led by Desiree Aspiras, funded by the Center for Artistic Activism. The flag was originally made in anticipation of the 2020 presidential election, as acknowledgement that no matter the outcome of the election there would still be much to work towards. In February 2021 Willa made a second edition of the flag for The Wind is at Our Back, a show at Bushel Collective in Delhi, NY, as part of a collective effort to raise funds for the Fletcher Street Stables in Philadelphia, the NYC Federation of Black Cowboys, and the Northeast Farmers of Color Land Trust.


Choose from five one-of-a-kind fabric combinations.


Flag 1


Flag 2


Flag 3


Flag 4


Flag 5